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The SaaS cloud service for data exchange and teamwork. Create virtual data rooms & replace your file sharing services with iDGARD.

Cloud Solution

Sealed Freeze guarantees technically specified, unbribable data management. This enables confidential data management in compliance with data privacy law.

Cloud Solution

Sealed Analytics enables big data analysis in compliance with data privacy law. It is the first system ever to ensure true protection for big data, Industry 4.0, and IoT.

Cloud Solution

Is a sealed cloud platform for security crucial applications, such as SaaS, IoT, and M2M offers (IaaS / PaaS).

Sealed Cloud Technologies:
Uniscon’s History

Uniscon’s founders researched why (German) businesses still tend to avoid public cloud services, despite the obvious benefits (scalability, no upfront investment, etc.). Surveys corroborate that public cloud services are deemed unsafe, mainly because service providers and administrators can normally access client data.

Sealed Cloud Technology

Uniscon’s objective was therefore to exclude all unauthorized access, including that of service providers, this being a burning security issue in cloud computing. With provider-proof Sealed Cloud technology, all unauthorized access whatsoever is excluded technically.


iDGARD was first created to exchange data and collaborate online safely, bearing in mind that it remain as convenient as other common services (e.g. dropbox, whatsapp). At the same time, it was to ensure privacy and security to a degree that even parties subject to professional or special official secrecy (e.g. doctors, lawyers) comply with data privacy obligations.

Sealed Freeze

Sealed Freeze is a policy dependent techology for data access management. Be it incidence management or be it privacy compliant data retention without dragnet investigation…with Sealed Freeze, the sky’s the limit!.

Sealed Analytics

Sealed Cloud technology also enables big data analysis while actually protecting personal and personally identifiable data. This unique technology is called Sealed Analytics. In 2016, Continental and Uniscon, to name only a few, founded the project CAR-BITS. Said project enables big data analysis in the automotive industry that is invariably privacy compliant and comprehensively protects all personal and personally identifiable data.

Sealed Platform

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy recognized the uniqueness of Sealed Cloud technology right from the start and supported its R&D within the framework of theTrusted Cloud initiative. Named initiative consisted in developing Sealed Cloud security to a degree, that even crucial yet sensitive applications such as CRM, ERP, and mailing systems, could be operated via Sealed Cloud platform.

Sealed Cloud Technologies


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