The Ultra Secure Cloud Platform
Elevate your security level with Sealed Cloud Technology
Protect your data & applications in the cloud!
The Ultra Secure Cloud Platform for your Private, Hybrid or Public Cloud

What makes Sealed Platform different?

Uniscon invented Sealed Cloud – Purely technical means to guarantee

No privileged access for providers or administrators

Protection of application-data and meta-data

Encryption of data at rest without a master key

Nobody but the user can access data

Protect your data & applications in the cloud!

Sealed Platform is the Ultra Secure Cloud Platform for your data and applications. Sealed Platform’s unique Zero Priviledged Access Architecture securely guards against unauthorized access of your data and applications in the cloud


Easily and securely move your legacy applications to the  cloud!

Sealed Platform can run virtually any application without code modification and instantly provides security and compliance with data privacy laws (GDPR)

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No privileged access for providers or administrators

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Nobody except the data owner has access

Protection of application-data and meta-data

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Sealed Platform enables highly secure processing of non-encrypted data in the cloud

Encryption of data at rest without a master key

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Impossible to decrypt the data without the user credentials

Sealed Platform – the ultimate security upgrade for your business applications

Sealed Platform is a top-security cloud platform suitable for running diverse applications with high demands on data security. It is capable of operating as a private, hybrid or public cloud platform for:

  • Enterprises
  • Platform Provider / Telco Provider
  • Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

How Sealed Platform protect your applications?

Data Clean-up Areas

When a breach is detected:

  • Sessions are transferred to other segments
  • The power of disk-less servers is shut-down
  • All unencrypted data is deleted

Key Distribution Options

  • Keys are generated from user secrets
  • Keys are auto-generated and never leave the Data Clean-up Area

Integrity Assurance

Independent Contributors/Auditors participate/surveil/confirm:

  • No SSH access
  • Filtered Operational & Maintenance Access (OMA)
  • Multi Party Rack and Server Sealing
  • Signing of Software/Trusted Boot
  • Integrity of Setup

Deployment options in a private, hybrid or public cloud

Private Cloud

Private Cloud - Sealed Platform

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud - Sealed Platform

Public Cloud

Public Cloud - Sealed Platform

Minimum requirements for Sealed Platform

Minimum requirements for Sealed Platform

Applications running on Sealed Platform:

iDGARD cloud service sets an unprecedented example, as to how Sealed Platform increases cloud user consumer confidence. Other Web services running on the Sealed Platform are the highly secure data exchange services

  • „Versiegelte Cloud“ of Deutsche Telekom.
  • uCloud from Regio IT

Telefónica Germany

„To protect the systems and, hence, the data in the data centers, Sealed Cloud impressively replaces organizational measures with technical ones. It creates a technical barrier, right where the servers are and interlocked with the applications, that blocks all unauthorized access, even that of server administrator or provider staff.“


Hr. S. Piecha

Information Security Officer, Telefónica Germany

Your benefits with zero-knowledge Sealed Platform


  • Communicate top security
  • Communicate technology lead
  • Dramatically reduce risk for publically known breaches


  • Expensive organisational measures are replaced by technical
  • Lean control of processor
  • Reduced inspection effort in IT-audits


  • Data protection (GDPR)
  • Data minimization for admins acc. to the State-of-the-Art
  • Trade secrecy (upcoming GeschGehG) & Professional secrecy (§ 203 StGB)

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Sealed Platform in action

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