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Platform for security crucial applications


Sealed Platform: A Sealed Cloud Platform as Basis for SaaS, IoT and M2M Offers (IaaS / PaaS)

Lack of Trust in Cloud Platform Privacy & Security

Services that process confidential data, e.g. ERP and CRM systems, have barely taken root in Germany. According to analysts, this is widely due to cloud users‘ lack of trust in the platforms‘ privacy and security. (Garnter, „Key Challenges in Cloud Computing“ 2016; PwC, „Cloud Computing – Navigation in der Wolke“, 2010; NIFIS, „Studie Cloud Computing“, 2015;  bitkom, „Cloud-Monitor“, 2015)


How Can Applications be Operated on a Sealed Platform?

  • Access to open interfaces, that allow other services to be based, in turn, on Sealed Platform services.
  • Third-party providers must comply with Sealed Cloud rules and specifications, as well.
  • To simplify development, sealed PaaS APIs enforce the necessary prerequisites.

Is a Service Running on a Sealed Platform Automatically Certified?

  • The privacy certificate Trusted Cloud Data Protection Profile, that certifies iDGARD service’s maximum, Class III security, has a modular design.
  • The Sealed Platform’s lower layers are already certified for cloud service developers.
  • I.e., certification of a new service, which is essential for sales, only needs to be carried out on the newly implemented business logic.

Common Services that Require a Sealed Platform for Privacy Reasons:

  • Enterprise Resource Management Solutions (ERP)
  • Customer Relationship Management Solutions (CRM)
  • Project Management and Workflow Solutions
  • Enterprise Document Management Solutions (EDM)

Sealed Cloud Based Services Solve Trust Issue

iDGARD cloud service sets an unprecedented example, as to how Sealed Cloud technology increases cloud user consumer confidence. Owing to Sealed Cloud, public cloud solutions enjoy even more security than comparable on-premise solutions.

„To protect the systems and, hence, the data in the data centers, Sealed Cloud impressively replaces organizational measures with technical ones. It creates a technical barrier, right where the servers are and interlocked with the applications, that blocks all unauthorized access, even that of server administrator or provider staff.“

Hr. S. Piecha

Information Security Officer, Telefónica Germany


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